Oberlin Rocks presents November election Obama logo


November election Obama logo

This photo was taken Tueday, November 4, 2008 of the class of 1898 monument. Views of “change” and “hope” follow.


Sometimes paintings last a long while on the rocks. The November Obama rock is an example of that. Below is a photo taken of the same painting over two months later on January 10, 2009 after a sizeable snowfall in Oberlin. Maybe it will still be there for the inauguration on January 20th.


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One Response to “Oberlin Rocks presents November election Obama logo”

  1. Alia Kate

    What a great site, Laura!

    This Obama rock painting is still there and every time I drive by it, I am reminded that I need to take a picture and document this bit of our recent history.

    Thanks for recording it!

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